Saturday, April 26, 2014

Who Is He Kissing? No, really...WHO the f#ck is Rio kissing?!??

Hello my Lovelies,

Ever since the news of Jem and the Holograms becoming a live action movie, my brain has allowed all of the loose ends from the 80's cartoon to bubble back up to the surface. I've been writing Jem fan-fiction since 1995 (don't judge me), and have hailed the animation for encouraging a part of my love for fashion. So the writers will need to uphold a few high standards in order to make this film, not only successful, but true to it's original fan base..

1. FASHION - Not only was Jem the trendsetter of the cartoon world, but that bitch was never caught dead in the same outfit (granted her Classic performance garb) twice. Don't get it twisted. If fashion isn't a major part of this film -- and I'm not talking Hipster boho "trendiness" -- then you've already got a HUGE wound before you even make it to post.

2. Muti-Cultural Representation (i.e. We are the world, and all that shit) - Casting is UBER important for this movie. Not so much for every character, but for the Holograms especially. Looking over the lovely ladies cast for Jem and her Hologram band mates, I was feeling a bit let down by casting's choices. Now I'm sure these gals are phenomenal actresses, but I have to say I was hoping for a darker-skinned, kinky-haired Shana. Unless Perrineau wears a wig and literally dons 'black face', I'm not quite sure how she can pull of Shana's look. You've cast a 16 year old with no acting experience. Would it have killed you to try a littler harder on this one?

3. Bad Romance - And for those of us that are the hardest-of-the-core fans, we were left reeling in agony for years as the issue of Rio being a cheater was never addressed. As willing as Jerrica in Jem's clothing may have been, if you're looking through Rio's eyes, he's banging the planet's #1 pop star and leaving his homely girl behind! Were Jerrica and Rio broken up officially? Is he still considered a good guy?? This issue must be put to rest.. for the fans' heart's sake!!!


3-A. Multi-timing Romances:
But not only that, Jem turns around and totally plays Rio by hanging with other guys! Not to mention, one of them being the lead of their rival band, The Stingers:

3-B. Love triangle much?: And it's not like Rio and Riot are doing all the chasing.. Apparently there's a lot of unrequited loves happening on this show. Here's a quick guide on the triad, or quadruped, er... cinco-- I dunno what the fuck to call it..

4. Kimber & Stormer Duo:
Is it just me, or did Stormer kinda have the hots for Kimber? There's that scene where Stormer's in bed longingly looking at a photo of her and Kimber together. Was there an underlining relationship that wasn't shown to it's pre-pubescent audience?

5. Lastly, let's not forget Jem's Psychotic break in Midsummer Night's Madness where she becomes tired of being Jerrica and Jem, then creates a complete third personality named Jamie. And Rio gets the hots for her as well! Srsly bro..?

Anyhoo, aside from all my ramblings, I'm really looking forward to this life action movie. I've seriously been waiting my entire life for this to happen. So glad I won't be feeling too old to finally enjoy it! Congrats to those who were able to get their fan art on the jem tumblr!

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Friday, April 25, 2014

JEM And The Holograms - Live Action Cast!!

Hello my Lovelies,

Since I've heard that Hasbro (@HasbroNews) has given the rights of Jem and the Holograms up to make a movie (and I'm sure toys), I've been silently stewing at work, wanting to take a week off just to flesh out all that Jem fan fiction I've been writing since high school. So 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' director Jon M. Chu (@Jonmchu) has teamed up with 'Oculus' producer Jason Blum (@blumhouse), and talent manager Scott Samuel "Scooter" Braun (@scooterbraun) to make a Jem and the Holograms movie!!!!!! Now if you know anything about Chu and Blum, they know a thing or two...or three about special effects. So I TOTALLY trust these guys to get the whole hologrammy thing right.

And do you know what the best part about these guys making the movie?? THEY ARE ASKING FOR FAN SUBMISSIONS!!!! FAN! SUB.MIS.SIONS! *passes out* What the fuck guys, are you trying to give me a heart attack?!!??! So you understand my plight while I'm at my 9 to 5.............Stewing.

Below you'll find their video explaining what they expect from fans right now. Unfortunately the singing and dancing Auditions were wrapped April 6th, but I say keep sending them in. If you catch their eye, they won't turn you me.

And if you're already following the makings of this movie, then you know that they announced the official Jem and The Holograms cast! You can check read all about the casting at Comics Alliance (@comicsalliance). PS...We're still waiting to hear who was cast as The Misfits!!

And don't forget to scour that JemTheMovie tumblr for lots of fan-art! (#jemthemovie) :)

Love Always~
Pammy <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sweet JEM News! WeLoveFine Conest Winners

Hello my Lovelies!

So those crafty peeps over at WeLoveFine (@welovefine)had a t-shirt design contest for Jem and the Holograms. Sorry to say the contest ended March 23rd, but you can catch all the winning tees here: Jem T-Shirt Contest Winners

Some of my favorites were~

"A Lass Insane" by Lawrence Gullo:

"Glamour And Glitter" by Joshua David McKinny:

"Truly" by Erin Filson:

...and something deep down in me loves the glitz of Timothy Lim's "Jem Nouveou" design:

CONGRATS to all the winners and honorable mentions!! So this makes me wonder if the selling of these tees will coincide with the production of the new Jem Movie (@Jemthemovie)? Either way, I hope I can get my grubby little hands on some Jem swag this upcoming NY Comic Con. Every year my spine tingles when I see those extra large, colorful bags being carried around the con.

Until next time...

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Friday, September 6, 2013

NY Comic Con, here we come again!

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry it's been some time since the last blog post, and my presence on twitter hasn't been grand either. But the honest truth is..

Pammy Cakes™ Boutique is proud to announce the shop will be a part of New York ComicCon 2013! *and the crowd goes wild!!! my head*

But really, I'm so super excited to be a part of Comic Con again. Last year, I had the utmost pleasure sharing a booth with two very good friends and fellow designers, Mary (gla.MAR.ous/@shopglamarous) and Sylvia (@CentennialComp). Not only did they offer a fantastic variety of fashion and accessories in the booth, but they gave great advice (and a helping hand) to a newcomer like myself. Oh yes, and endless entertainment and humor. I wouldn't have been able to survive those longs  hours without them! :) And thanks to everyone who paid us a visit!! (View last year's photos here)
New York Comic Con '12: Sylvia, Pammy, Ruth, Mary

Then comes this year's event, where I must go it alone. I'm not really as nervous as I thought I'd be, but I'm sure the mild butterflies will turn into razor wasps that week before the event. Hopefully, more friend's will be able to make an appearance and hang for a bit this year *hint, hint*  ;)

Anyhoo, for this very limited time (Oct 10-13) we'll have a dressing room to try on garments, a trading table if you have toys, stationary, or accessories to trade, and some pretty nice deals on select items at our booth #2880.

I hope to see your lovely faces~!!

Love Always,
Pammy <3

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Towa Tei X Yayoi Kusama

Hello My Lovelies!

Remember Yayoi Kusama's show at the Whitney? The exhibit housed in a darkened room full of lights, "Fireflies on the Water"? Not only was it an amazing experience, but Kusama doesn't make it to New York very often. So when I learned she lent her design visuals for Electronic DJ Towa Tei's album 'Lucky' (out now!), my heart  nearly skipped a beat!

If you're not familiar with Kusama's work, I'm sure you've probably seen her Pop Art at one time or another without realizing it. Much like Andy Warhol, the works of Yayoi Kusama's never stand within the realms of the definition of "art". Lucky for us, she keeps on churning out her magical pieces where we'd least expect them. Can't wait for the next exhibit!



Friday, July 26, 2013

The Sims / Jem and The Holograms Bender

Hello My Lovelies!

For those of you that know me personally, you know I am OBSESSED with Jem and The Holograms. And (embarrassed to admit) I've had some Jem fan fiction in the works for quite some time. Every few weeks or so I'll get the itch to write out a few scenes or flesh out some new ideas, but it hasn't ever been a sit-down-and-write-until-it's-completed type of gig. I'm not even sure I'll ever fully complete any piece of it, or publish it, for that matter. But for now it's just a fun hobby I can keep coming back to when it tickles my fancy. 

However, the past few days have been quite interesting as I've been consumed by the idea of recreating the characters in my Sims universe. And those of you that know how I feel about The Sims, know that combining these two obsessions leads to an unhealthy weekend of junk food, poor circulation, no socializing, and the occasional trip to the restroom (which really should be more frequent). But at least I'm drinking water, right??

But what this post is about really, is the nature of creativity. The number one rule that all successful writers live by is to write no matter what. And that may seem easier than it actually is. Well, at least for someone like myself that edits themselves before anything is ever written. I can sit at the computer for an hour and will talk myself out of many plot changes, only to lose my inspiration out of frustration. Thus losing the original idea (that put my butt in the chair in the first place) and never having written a single word. It's a nasty, vicious cycle.

That being said, I've just recently finished a book by Keith Sawyer called Zig Zag: The Surprising Path To Greater Creativity, where he explains about this very subject. And not just about writing, but about all things creative. He explains that the underlining theme of what keeps creative types creative is switching to another art form. When you've hit a road block, it's imperative that you keep up with the "write no matter what" rule. That doesn't necessarily mean starting a completely new project. But instead, it is re-imagining your existing project in another form. That way, something new may arise out of this other form that you can apply to the original. Thus, keeping you in a disciplined work ethic.

This has kept me trudging along on my JATH fan fiction by creating the characters in the Sims universe, and having them to interact with once another. My goal is to watch closely to their actions/reactions and hope it will spark some new ideas. But for now, they're just a lot of fun to play.  :)

Learn more about keeping your creative motor running HERE..

And.... those of you who have a hankering (and the pocketbook) for some new Jem stuffs, Integrity Toys has begun launching some re-imagined JATH doll collectibles!

Love Always~
Pammy <3

Monday, July 22, 2013


Hello My Lovelies!

This heat wave on the east coast has nearly robbed me of all my energy. Normally, I bask in the hot rays, but this weekend I just about melted :( So what did I do to combat the heat? Well, I kept a steady diet of ice cream of course! (and water, but that's no fun..) Whilst being heat stroked and drowning in cream, I dreamt of wearing pastel colors of pink, lilac, and minty green!

~ Baby Dreams Of Ice Cream ~
You can find all the items on this board at my Polyvore page.. :)

Love Always~
Pammy <3